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Jio Fiber Plans vs Act Fibernet Plans: Choose the Best Plans among JioFiber & ACT

Jio Fiber Plans vs Act Fibernet Plans: Are you in dielemma to decide Which Broadband Plan is the Best among Jio Fiber and ACT Fibernet? This article is made for you After the numerous Jio Phone pre bookings, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio is now all gearing up for the launch of Jio fiber services. While the Jio fiber beta testing is already out in selected cities, the service will be out for public launch soon. Existing broadband players in fear about the Jio fiber impact on the broadband industry. Just like Jio 4G services, Reliance Jio group may launch free Jio fiber broadband service to lure customers. A

However, the Reliance Jio fiber services beta testing is out in metro cities first. It is believed that the Jio fiber launch will happen at metro cites like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad at first. Now, the present broadband service providers need to hold up their users with competing plans to curb Reliance Jio fiber. Service providers like ACT are already in swing with huge customer base and flawless services. Even the ACT monthly plans are quite pleasing for both domestic and corporate users.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans vs Act Fibernet Plans:

Since the game rules have changed with the launch of Jio 4G services, many service providers’ struggles. The Jio-fi device has brought the portable wi-fi service prices much low. Now, existing Broadbrand service providers should match their plan with the upcoming Jio fiber to hold their customers from migration.

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Let’s have a look at ACT Broadband plans to compare with the best possible Jio Products:

ACT Hyderabad Rs. 410 per month Plan:

ACT Hyderabad users have a low budget ACT Rs. 410 per month plan which provides decent experience. Users can get 60GB downloads and 60 GB Uploads at 5Mbps speed for one month. However, this is an unlimited plan and the speed will be dropped to 512 Kbps post FUP. This could be a perfect fit for domestic usage at a very minimum price.

ACT Hydrabad RS 650 PER Month plan:

ACT Hyderabad users have another Rs. 650 per month plan which users can get extended benefits of Rs.410 plan. Users can get 100GB downloads and 100GB Uploads at 25Mbps speed for one month. Yet, this is also an unlimited plan and the speed will be dropped to 1 Mbps post FUP.

ACT Swift Plan for Bangalore users:

ACT has got a pathetic plan which the service provider charges high for nothing. ACT swift plan for Bangalore users make some space for Jio fiber service to attract users with low prices service. ACT Swift plan provides 25 GB Downloads and 25 GB uploads at only 5Mbps speed. The speed will be reduced to 256 kbps post FUP.

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Considering the ACT pricing in Bangalore, Reliance Jio has got lot of vacuum in the fiber broadband industry. However, Jio’s strategy of offering the free broadband service for limited time period will attract customers. Yet, there are chances for ACT to hold their customers tight by offering productive plans. On the other hand, Jio-Fi plans are peeping into the broadband market which users can get benefits of a mobile hotspot.

It would be more interesting to see how Jio fiber broadband plans will take over the existing broadband players. Besides that, Jio fiber may offer bundled Jio services like JioTV, Jio cinema etc as early bird offer. Also, earlier rumor suggested that Jio Wi-fi router might Jio DTH supporting device.

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