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WhatsApp in Jiophone

WhatsApp in Jiophone: Steps to Download Whatsapp for Jio phone

Jio Phone Support WhatsApp or not ?

Earlier rumors suggested that Jio phone might not get WhatsApp. But now, the company is planning to launch WhatsApp on Jiophone to serve users with better features. However, the company is planning to provide many such apps including NFC support in the later updates. Now, it is confirmed that WhatsApp in Jiophone will make its presence and Reliance telecom is keen about what more to launch in Jio Phone. Users can also download whatsapp web apk in PCs and Laptops.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp on Jiophone is an important feature, the company hasn’t announced about WhatsApp for Jiophone at a launch event. However, the Qualcomm 205 mobile platform provides the facility to house basic versions of Facebook and WhatsApp in JioPhone. As the maker has recently started Jiophone bookings, users need to Download Whatsapp for Jio phone soon as it arrives.

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This India ka Smartphone offers all essential features of an entry level smartphone with 4G speed. Besides that, users can get features like JioTV by paying extra for the subscription of such Jio services. Now, the Jio phone is under beta testing and it is unclear at the moment about WhatsApp feature in JioPhone. If you haven’t get it bundled with Jio 4G phone, you can download Whatsapp for Jiophone with simple steps.

Steps to Download Whatsapp in Jiophone:

  1. Visit the link to download Whatsapp on Jiophone
  2. Enter Jio mobile number
  3. Then, click on the button ‘Click here’
  4. On the next page, you’ll find a ‘Download’ button for Jiophone WhatsApp download
  5. Make sure that you uninstalled the older version to get the latest version of Whatsapp in Jiophone

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On the other hand, the company is also planning to provide many features besides Whatsapp in Jiophone. However, the messaging app has a huge user base in India and Whatsapp in jiophone is one of such anticipated features. In actual fact, bringing such features like Whatsapp for Jiophone will help the 4G feature phone to gain maximum users.

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