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Jio Phone processor

Jio Phone processor: All you need to know about Qualcomm 205 mobile platform

Ever since the announcement of Jio Phone, Reliance Infocomm is planning to target the feature phone users in India. Considering the fact that there are over 50 million feature phone users, Jio Phone offers next level features to its users. The company has already declared that the Jio 4G Phone will provide HD video screaming, voice command and in-app support. Jio Phone processor is the factor behind all these features which the company claims this as ‘India ka Smartphone.’

Jio Phone processor: Qualcomm 205 mobile platform

Ahead of its launch, Qualcomm has tweeted that the hardware component maker will be powering the Jio Phone processor. Unveiled the Qualcomm 205 processor mainly for the feature phone segment, it offers essential features of a basic smartphone. The Qualcomm 205 mobile platform specially designed for 4G feature phones like Jio Phone. On the other hand, Jio Phone processor claims the first to pack Qualcomm 205 processor.

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Jio Phone processor features:

Discussing Jio Phone processor, Qualcomm 205 mobile platform was unveiled at an event held in New Delhi back in March. This entry-level processor aims feature phones segment in upcoming markets like India, South East Asian countries, and Latin America. However,  Qualcomm 205 processor is specially designed to enable 4G LTE connectivity for feature phone users. The dual-core Processor clocked at 1.1GHz will supports 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, FM Radio, HD video streaming, dual-SIM connectivity, and support for 4G, 3G, and 2G networks.

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Speaking on the tag India ka smartphone, Jio Phone processor offers NFC support, and preloaded apps make the phone no lesser than a smartphone. The built-in SOS button on the phone can be activated by pressing 5, is another pleasing element added to the Jio Phone processor. OnePlus Smartphone users who uses OnePlus Launcher APK use Qualcomm Processor for smooth functioning.

Other interesting features like voice command support and TV screaming JioPhone TV Cable are added privileges on Qualcomm 205 mobile platform. Having said all these, Jio Phone happens to be the next big evolution in the feature phone market. As of now, Reliance Jio is targeting 50 crore feature phone users in India with upgraded features.