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Reliance Jio DTH Service Launch Date, Monthly Plans| Jio DTH Registration Process Online & Features

Reliance Jio DTH: After the grand success of Jio, the Reliance Industries led by Ambani has been spreading its name to every part of the Telecom Industry. One of Jio’s latest sensation is the Reliance Jio DTH services. With the advancement of digitization and in consideration of customer needs Jio come up with the Faster accessible Jio DTH services.

The Reliance group with its DTH service is replacing all the existing cables and lines with Fiber optics. Currently, under the beta testing the Jio DTH services would be launched soon with best & exciting offers to with stand in the competitive world.

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Recently the Reliance’s Subsidiary initiated the launch of most affordable 4G feature phone which is named as Jio Phone. It is also known that the Indian Firm is trying to conquer the Broadband service by entering with JIo Fiber throughout India by the end of this year

What is JIO DTH? History of DTH

Direct to home (DTH) which has started in 2000 for receiving the satellite television utilizing signals transmitted from direct broadcast satellites. Dish TV launched the first DTH service in the country, and then the competition has started from all the leading telecommunication and broadcasting operators.

Mukesh Ambani Led Reliance Jio has initiated the Direct to Home DTH with the Jio DTH services with high number of HD channels at an very affordable prices and plans. The main motive of this Jio DTH broadcasting is to make every part of India connected to Television and thus by updating along with the world.Keeping in view of the middle class and lower middle class people Jio DTH monthly plans are prepared with very less cost.



Jio DTH Launch Date: 

Coming to the Reliance Jio DTH launch date, it has been postponed from many days due to the maintenance work. The Fiber cables and other networking settings are at full swing and in most of the fixing works are at the final phases. Initially it is said that the Jio DTH launch would be in the month of July but it hadn’t gone right. From the close sources it is known that the Jio DTH launch date  would be in September after the launch of Jio Phone in August.

Reliance Jio DTH Features:

Coming to the features of the JIO DTH services which provide high-end features at very affordable prices.

  • 480p-4K resolution: Compared to the other DTH services JIO offers the 480p-4K resolution, which is not provided in most of the present DTH service providers in the market. The clarity will be more than the present HD channels provided by broadcasters like Airtel Dish, Sun Tv and Tata Sky
  • Recording live channels: This Feature of the Reliance’s Television services would allow users to record live tv by means of internal and external storage/
  • Google Chrome Casting: As the new TVs nowadays, especially Smart TVs has the ability to connect the internet which old TVs don’t have, JIO came up for the first time with the unique feature that enables use of RJ45 cable through which the user can be able to connect to the internet and enjoy live streaming, listen to music and watch Movies online or do anything and everything.
  • Wi-Fi: the best part comes here, with out the use of any external Raspberry pi, users now can connect to the internet through this additional feature.
  • HDMI & AV port:  For connecting with other devices

Other important features includes the 12-volt power port, Cable port and Bluetooth

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Jio DTH Prices , Plans & Monthly Packs:

Like no where before in Telecommunication JIO provided offers, now not letting down in any aspect Jio DTH providers are coming up with the best features and offers at a low cost to satisfy the customer. We can look into the new offers which are listed on the JIO DTH offers in the Jio DTH official website  People who got satisfied with the offers listed in the site can go with the registration process below.Jio DTH setup box might cost you around 1800 rupees and No installation charges. Detailed Reliance Jio DTH installation guide will be provided with the Setup box.

Jio DTH Services will be featuring a total different mechanism in comparison with Dish TV and Airtel DTH services. Jio Tv DTH would have about 300+ TV channels along with  50 plus HD channels.

Jio DTH Live

Now a day any regular DTH service might charge you around 250-300 per month as the basic charge that too without any premium or HD channels. But the people’s Reliance Jio DTH plans would be around Rs. 180-200. All the Jio DTH plans would made you to access more than 300 channels along with access to premium HD channels .

 Jio DTH Price  Rs 1800
 Jio DTH Booking  September 2017
Jio DTH Plan (lowest)  Rs 180
Jio DTH Launch date  September 2017

How to Register for Jio DTH Services Online :

For the JIO DTH services registration will be starting from the August 20th 2017, we can check the official important dates from the Official Jio DTH Booking site. Note that all the dates in the site are expected not released by JIO Officially. Until now the Jio DTH official site hasn’t been revealed, all the updates can only be seen in the website Jio.com. Soon the Jio DTH online Booking process will be informed at this space

At present the Jio DTH beta testing program has been going on in selected cities and exclusively those who register for the Jio DTH beta program. As soon as the official Jio DTH commercial launch these services will be made available for all the people. It is expected that Reliance might give the Jio DTH services free for 90 days in-order to gain the trust of the people. We will update the step-by-step process and guide of registering with Jio DTH Free services online and offline.

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